Equipment damage

To avoid shock or equipment damage, do not plug in or turn on the system power before completing the hardware installation. The Main KSU has the built in CPU, eight digital station ports, four analog extension ports, and four analog trunk ports. Each KSU can have up to two expansion cards installed and the expansion cards are:
• IP4WW-080E-B1 — 8 port digital station card • IP4WW-PRIU-C1-PRI/T1 Trunk Card
• IP4WW-008E-B1 — 8 port analog station card Note: The PRIU card can be installed in the 3rd expansion slot of KSU 1 and KSU 2. No other cards can be installed in these slots.
• IP4WW-4COIDB-B1 — 4 port analog trunk card Note: The 4 port analog trunk card is a daughter board that can be mounted on the IPWW-080E-B1, IPWW-008E-B1 and the KSU motherboard.
• IP4WW-VOIPDB-C1 — Required for Voice Over
• IP4WW-CFVMS-C1 — Compact Flash used for • IP4WW-CFVML-C1 — Compact flash Voice Mail and VRS functions. Provides used for Voice Mail and VRS functions. approximately 15 hours of recordings.