System Licenses

CIX40 System Licenses
The analog CO lines, digital telephones, standard telephones, four voice mail ports, DTMF circuits, attendant consoles, ACD VA ports and BSIS serial ports do not require a license for operation on the CIX40. IP Ports on the optional GIPH and MIPU cards, and more than four (up to eight) voice mail require licensing on the GCTU2A processor as follows:
• Each Toshiba IPT2000 anf IP5000 series telephone and SIP Telephone requires one LIC-CIX- IP_Port license.
• Each Strata Net IP channel requires a LIC-CIX-STRN-CH license.
• Toshiba SoftIPTs require a LIC-SOFTIPT license and one LIC-CIX-IP_Port license for each SoftIPT.
• Two additional voice mail ports are provided by each LIC-2 GVPH license, up to the system maximum of eight.
• Licenses are required on the Media Application Server (MAS), Stratagy® SES, and customer provided PCs for applications such as ACD, Net Phone, TASKE®, Oaisys®, Feature Flex®,