Least Cost Routing

The Least Cost Routing (LCR) feature allows the system to automatically select the least costly route available according to the number dialed, the time of day/day of week, the class of service (COS) assigned to the station/trunk group priority level assigned. When a station user dials an outside number, the LCR feature analyzes the number, then automatically chooses an outside line from the group that is programmed as most economical.
The LCR feature puts the responsibility of choosing the least expensive route for each area code and exchange code on the system administrator, not on the station user. In order to make a routing decision, the LCR feature is programmed in the system database. The successful operation of this feature is completely dependent on the accuracy of the programming. The STSe may be programmed on a per station basis to force the use of LCR for outgoing access. This allows the system administrator to maintain greater control over dialing patterns and the lines used for placing outgoing CO calls.
LCR Tables
There are eight (8) different tables which are set up to monitor the dialing of digits of a station and to select the best route programmed for the call.
3-Digit Routing Table -- allows the system to handle call routing in areas that require a 1 before a long distance number and in areas that do not require the 1 for 7-, 8-, 10-, & 11-digit dialing.
6-Digit Routing Table -- is used to determine the route for one or more office codes programmed within the same area code.
Exception Code Table -- is used to route operator assisted calls and any other calls which would use a one or two-digit number rather than a three-digit area code.
Route List Table -- contains four Time Period Routing Lists that are used in conjunction with other LCR table settings.
Insert/Delete Table -- is used to add/remove digits from a number before or after it is dialed.
Daily Start Time Table -- allows the user to match the Time Periods discount structure to the carrier’s rate schedule.
Weekly Schedule Table -- allows the user to assign the Time-of-Day and Day-of-Week to use the least costly route for a specific dialed number.
Toll Information Table -- allows common call routing for all toll information calls: 1-(xxx)555-1212, (xxx)555-1212, 1-555-1212, and 555-1212.
DEFAULT LCR Database -- provides basic routing for all local and long distance dialing.