OFF - hook signaling

When a station, which is off-hook, receives a call or a CO/IP call rings into the system for the off-hook station, the station will receive the assigned Off-hook ring signal or, for ICM calls, a Camp-On, Voice-Over Announcement or Off-hook ring signal may be received.
The Off-hook ring Signal may be either a muted normal ring signal or a single tone burst based on the system assignment. This signal is delivered to the iPECS Phone speaker.
Operation of Off-hook ring signals is automatically controlled.
1. While using the speakerphone, a Camp-On tone is provided over the speaker in place of the assigned Off-hook ring Signal.
2. Activating the DND or One-Time DND places the station in DND, terminating any Off-hook signaling.
3. Off-hook ring signals terminate when the call is answered, forwarded, or abandoned.
4. A station, which is receiving Off-hook ring signals, will receive normal ring upon return to idle status.