SIP Virtual mobile extension

SIP gives us the opportunity to provide a truly integrated and cost effective mobile extension solution. The closer integration lets the mobile users to use the mobile exactly as they are used to.
The goal have been to integrate the mobile phone even further with the PBX (out-band signaling) and add a more cost effective solution for bigger systems (recursing diversion). The out-band signaling is mandatory. Recursing diversion is not required in smaller solutions, but still more cost effective. In a bigger solution, more then 20-30 MEX users, it is needed to compete with Aastra, Cisco and various hosted solutions, including the hosted solution we sell.
Out-band signaling makes it a truly transparent solution. The user places an outgoing call exactly as he is used to and it works on any cell phone. This means that the user can use speed dials and do not need to have any special phone or application installed in the phone. Also the use of DISA, which is considered too complicated by many users, will be obsolete.