Two-way Recording
This feature allows a user to record a CO line call to the station’s mailbox. Two-way Recording can be enabled only for DKT stations and the station must have a Flexible button assigned as a {Record} button or, for the 6200 series, the Record softkey may be used. When a call is recorded, the system activates a Message Wait to the station.
To assign a {Record} Flexible button at the DKT,
1. Press the [TRANS/PGM] button.
2. Press the desired Flexible button.
3. Press the [TRANS/PGM] button.
4. Dial ‘5 4’.
5. Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button.
To record a conversation while on a CO line call,
1. Press the {Record} button or softkey.
2. The conversation is record
To stop recording,
1. Press the {Record} or Flash button or hang-up.
2. Conversation recording stops and the message is saved.
 Users should announce the recording, no recording tone is provided.
 During a recording, the {RECORD} button flashes to indicate a recording in progress.
 If the external VM requires DTMF for control signaling or there is no external Voice mail, the conversation is recorded to the user’s VMIB Mailbox.
A. Station User Programming
B. External Voice Mail
C. Station Hunt Groups
D. VMIB Voice Mail
Admin Programming
Two Way Recording (PGM 112, Flexible button 10) Enables a station to use Two-way Recording