AVAYA IP Office Voicemail

If You have questions please call (866)206-2316 or email
MasterTelephone@gmail.com http://www.telephonesetup.com/
NYC NY NY 10001


– To switch voicemail on dial *18, to switch it off dial *19.
– To retrieve your voicemail, use the code *17.
Note also that your voicemail may be set up to deliver your messages by calling you whenever you hang up: this feature is known as Voicemail Ringback.
– To turn Voicemail Ringback on dial *48; to turn it off dial *49.
Dialing a number while listening to your messages invokes further facilities:
Once messages have been delivered, they are held on the system for 24 hours.
You can collect your voicemail from another extension by using the PIN your System Administrator has set up for you. You can collect your messages if you are out of the office, by either dialing from a number that has been registered for the purpose or by dialing your extension number and PIN when prompted. If validation is successful, then dial 1 to retrieve.