AVAYA MAGIX Legend Changing Extension Directory Labels

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To begin programming, perform one of the following to display the System
Programming menu on the system programming console or PC with SPM
Console Procedure Menu->Sys Program->Exit

Changing Extension Directory Labels
Use this procedure to change the alphanumeric system labels, so that display
telephone users can identify the co-worker who is calling or leaving a message
or to program the Extension Directory feature for MLX telephones.
A label can have a maximum of seven characters. Labels can contain capital
letters, numbers, and eight types of characters: ampersands (&), dashes (-),
spaces, periods (.), commas (,), apostrophes (‘), stars (*), and pound signs (#).
Console Procedure More->Labeling->Directory->Extension->
Dial ext. no.->Enter->Drop->Dial label (up to 7
characters)-> Enter->Exit->Exit->Exit