NEC Elitemail and AD8 voicemail Changing System Settings by Telephone

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Changing System Settings by Telephone
As System Manager, you can change the system settings without signing in at a
console. Call the system and sign in with your Personal ID and security code. After
you sign in, you can check your messages and change your setup options. The
system then begins a special series of questions called the System Manager
conversation. Press 0 to skip directly to the System Manager conversation.
The System Manager conversation consists of five questions. Each question has a
shortcut key (shown next to the question in the list below) that allows you to skip to
that set of options immediately. You can exit the conversation anytime by pressing
*** on your telephone.
. Would you like to change a mailbox? ( 4 ) Lets you add a new mailbox,
see if a mailbox has a security code, delete security codes, reset the mailbox for
a new user, or delete a mailbox.
. Would you like to change the opening greetings? ( 5 ) Lets you
switch to or from the holiday mode, and change the day, night, or holiday
. Would you like to change the system schedule? ( 6 ) Lets you
change the system clock and date settings, and change the current schedule.
. Would you like to hear system information? (7) Lets you hear system
information such as what software version you are using.
. Would you like to change the operator mailbox? ( 8 ) Lets you assign
the operator mailbox to an extension.