NORSTAR voicemail To initialize a mailbox
1 Press FEATURE 981
2 Log on by following the voice prompts.
3 Enter the default password ØØØØ.
4 Mast change pswd This display appears briefly to indicate that you must change your
5 Enter a new password from four to eight digits long that does not
start with zero.
Press OK or #.
6 Reenter the new mailbox password and press OK or #’
7 At the tone, record the name in the Company Directory.
Include the mailbox number in the recording, For example, “Pat
Smith, mailbox 5813.”
Press OK or # to end the recording.
8 Press OK or # to accept the recording
press PLAY or 1 to listen to the recording
press RETRY or 2 to re-record your name.
9 Press ® to end the session.