NORSTAR VOICEMAIL Recording Company Greeting

If You have questions please call (866)206-2316 or email

Recording a Greeting
Do not use Handsfree to record your company Greetings.
Speak directly into the phone handset.
To record a company Greeting
1 Press FEATURE 983
Enter the System Administrator Mailbox number and password,
and then press OK.
2 Press AA.
3 Press GRTG.
4 Press GRTG.
5 Enter the number of the Greeting you want to record (from 1 to 40)
and press OK.
6 Press REC. At the tone, record your greeting.
Do not hang up the handset when you are finished recording.
7 Press OK to end your recording.
8 To listen to the greeting, press PLAY
to accept the recording, press OK
to re-record the greeting, press RETRY.
Repeat steps 5 through 9 if you want to record another greeting.
9 Press ® to end the session.