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The System Manager’s Mailbox must be accessed before performing any System Manager
task. To access the System Manager’s Mailbox, three items of information must be known: the
telephone number connected directly to the Voice Mail Service, the System Manager’s
Mailbox Number and the Password for that mailbox (if assigned). The System Manager’s
Mailbox Number is 99, 999, 9999 or 99999 depending upon the mailbox number length
specified in System Programming. The System Manager’s password is assigned through the
System Manager’s Service.
• If your VPS is the KX-TVS125 or KX-TVS225, the mailbox number is 999 by default.
• If your VPS is the KX-TVS325, the mailbox number is 9999 by default.
To Access the System Manager’s Mailbox
1. Dial the Extension Number connected to the Voice Mail Service. Or Dial any VPS
Extension Number and Press [#] [6] (Service Access Command).
2. Press [ ], then Type the System Manager’s Mailbox Number (99, 999, 9999 or
3. Type the Password followed by [#]. The Main Menu of System Manager’s Service will be
Please enter your party’s mailbox number.
To enter by name, press [#] and [1].
If you are using a rotary telephone, stay on the line.
To call the operator, press [0].
Enter your password, followed by [#].

You have (number) new message(s).
To receive the message, press [1].
To deliver a message, press [2].
To customize your mailbox, press [3].
To check the mailbox distribution, press [4].
For a system report, press [5].
For other features, press [6].
To end this call, press [ ].

1. Log in the main menu.
2. Press [6] for other features.
3. Press [4] to change Service Mode setting.
4. Type the Time Group number (1-8).
5. The VPS plays the current setting. Press [1] to change the setting.
6. Press [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], or [6] to choose the desired Service Mode entry.
• [1] Automatic Mode: Operates according to the setting in Time Service (default)
• [2] Manual Day Mode: Operates only in Day Mode
• [3] Manual Night Mode: Operates only in Night Mode
• [4] Manual Lunch Mode: Operates only in the Lunch Mode
• [5] Manual Break Mode: Operates only in the Break Mode
• [6] PBX Control Mode: Operation changes depending on PBX time period7. Confirm the entry is correct and Press [2] to accept it

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