Answer Hold/Automatic Hold NEC SL1100
Answer Hold/Automatic Hold allows a Multiline Terminal user to press the flashing line key to answer an incoming ringing call or a Camp-On call. When the Multiline Terminal user is already answering a call, the first call is automatically placed on hold, depending on the user setting in PRG 15-02-06.
•When multiple incoming calls activate the line key LED, the LED continues to flash until all calls are answered.
A Conditions
•Use PRG 15-02-06 (Normal Common, Exclusive Hold, Park Hold) to set the type of Hold key to be used (Default = Normal Common).
•For calls placed in a Park Group, the LED blinks slow (green).
•For calls placed in a Park Group by another user, the LED blinks slow (red).
•The Answer Hold/Automatic Hold Feature is not available for Virtual Extensions.
•The Answer Hold/Automatic Hold Feature does not function for incoming internal calls.
•CO/PBX incoming calls, not assigned to ring or assigned to another ring group, do not activate the Answer Hold feature.
•If the direct trunk appearance key is not assigned, the next incoming call cannot be answered.
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