Calling a Co-Worker
You can dial a co-worker on the Intercom , or use Paging  if you don't know where they are.
When you must get through right away, interrupt a call using Barge In .
Certain Intercom calls may ring your phone on function keys as Multiple Directory Numbers .
Visitors at your entrance door can call you on the Intercom using a Door Box.
Outside Calls
You can Answer Outside Calls that ring your phone or flash your line keys. Caller ID allows you to identify the caller before or after you pick up the handset. Night Service  may change the way these same calls ring your phone. Set your Line Preference  to answer ringing outside calls or Intercom calls first.
To Place Outside Calls, use your line keys or dial codes. You may have to enter Account Codes before your call goes through. Use Dial Number Preview  to check your digits before you dial. Once your call goes through, the Call Timer shows you how long you're on the phone. You may be able to use Flash to place another call without losing your line.
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