Direct Inward Dialing (DID) for NEC SL1100.
Version 2.0 or higher software provides to set more flexible schedule of DID Conversion Table as following;
•Direct Inward Dialing (DID) supports day of week scheduling in addition to time of day.
•Dial-In Conversion Table can be set up to 500 tables.
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) lets outside callers directly dial system extensions. DID saves time for callers who know the extension number they wish to reach. To place a DID call, the outside caller dials the local exchange and additional digits to ring the telephone system extension. For example, DID number 926-5400 can directly dial extension 400. The caller does not have to rely on attendant or secretary call screening to complete the call.
Direct Inward Dialing requires DID service from Telco.
In addition to direct dialing of system extensions, DID provides:
•DID Dialed Number Translation
•Flexible DID Service Compatibility
•DID Intercept
•DID Camp-On
There are 20 DID Translation tables that can be divided between 800 entries. DID Dialed Number Translation
DID allows different tables for DID number translation. This gives you more flexibility when buying DID service from Telco. If you cannot buy the exact block of numbers you need (e.g., 301~556), use the translation tables to convert the digits received. For example, a translation table could convert digits 501~756 to extension numbers 301~556.
The SL1100 system has 800 DID Translation Table entries that you can allocate among the 20 DID Translation Tables. One translation is made in each entry. For a simple installation, you can put all 800 entries in the same table. For more flexibility, you can optionally distribute the 800 entries among the 20 tables.
In addition to number conversion, each DID Translation Table entry can have a name assigned to it. When the DID call rings the destination extension, the programmed name displays.
Flexible DID Service Compatibility
With three-digit service, the Telco sends three digits to the system for translation. Be sure to program your system for compatibility with the provided Telco service. For example, if the Telco sends four digits, make sure you set up the translation tables to accept four digits.
DID Camp-On
DID Camp-On sets what happens to DID calls to busy extensions when you have Busy Intercept disabled. With DID Camp-On enabled, a call to a busy extension camps-on for the DID Ring No Answer Time. It then diverts to the programmed DID Intercept extension ring group or Voice Mail. Without DID Camp-On, the caller to the busy extension hears only busy tone.

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