Call Forwarding, Off-Premise NEC SL1100
Off-Premise Call Forwarding reroutes the following types of incoming calls:
•Ringing intercom calls from co-worker’s extensions
• Calls routed from the VRS or Voice Mail 1
Off-Premise Call Forwarding allows an extension user to forward their calls to an off-site location. By enabling Call Forward, Off-Premise, the user can stay in touch by having the system forward their calls while they are away from the office. The forwarding destination can be any telephone number the user enters, such as a mobile phone, home office, and hotel or meeting room. Off-Premise Call Forwarding can route the off-site telephone number over a specific trunk or through a trunk group, Automatic C Route Selection or Trunk Group Routing.
• Direct Inward Lines 1
• DISA and DID calls to the forwarded extension 1
• Transferred calls 1
1 Off-Premise Call Forwarding can reroute an incoming trunk call only if the outgoing trunk has disconnect supervision enabled (refer to the Programming section).
Off-Premise Call Forwarding does not reroute Call Arrival (CAR) Keys, Virtual Extension keys or Ring Group calls (i.e., trunk ringing according to Ring Group assignments made in PRG 22-04 and PRG 22-05).
•If a call that forwards Off-Premise goes out on a trunk assigned as TIE or DID, and the called party does not answer before the timer in PRG 34-07-05, the call recalls to the station that performed the transfer.
•Call Forwarding Off-Premise requires loop start trunks with disconnect supervision.
•The trunk access code and the outside telephone number combined cannot exceed 24 digits.
•Call Forwarding an extension in a Department Group prevents that extension from receiving Department Pilot Calls.
•If a Programmable Function key is not defined for Call Forwarding (10 ~ 17), the DND key flashes to indicate that the extension is call forwarded.
•DID calls to an extension with Off-Premise Call Forwarding set do not recall if there is no answer.
•Door Boxes must be programmed for the calls to be transferred Off-Premise.
•The outside number Call Forwarding dials can only be a number normally allowed by the forwarded extension Toll Restriction.
•In systems with a PZ-VM21, callers to an extension forwarded off-premise hear, “Please hold on, your call is being rerouted.” This option can be disabled in PRG 40-10-01 by setting it to disable.
•When a station is in DND and any Call Forwarding Off Premise is set, the call forwards immediately.
•Call Forwarding, Off-Premise is not supported when using Alternate Trunk Group Routing
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