Attendant Call Queuing SL1100
Attendant extensions can have up to 32 incoming calls queued before additional callers hear busy tone. This helps minimize call congestion in systems that use the attendant as the overflow destination for unanswered calls. For example, you can program Direct Inward Lines and Voice Mail calls to route to the attendant when their primary destination is busy. With Attendant Call Queuing, these unanswered calls would normally “stack up” for the attendant until they can be processed.
A The 32 call queue total includes Intercom, DISA, DID, DIL and transferred calls. If the attendant does not have an appearance for the queued call, it waits in line to be answered. If the attendant has more than 32 calls queued, an extension can Transfer a call to the attendant only if they have Busy Transfer enabled.
Attendant Call Queuing is a permanent, non-programmable system feature.
•Forwarding when unanswered or busy can occur only at the attendant if there are more than 32 calls in queue.

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