InMail Upload Download Audio NEC SL1100
The InMail Upload Download Audio feature allows the upload of mailbox greetings up to 1 MB in size, recorded on a PC or professionally, to any valid subscriber mailbox in the system. It also allows users to listen to, download and/or delete voice mail messages from callers. Access to the InMail compact flash drive is via the HTML User Pro (WebPro).
I The User Admin (UA Mode) can change Routing Mailbox greetings for the following Routing mailbox types: Instruction (Call Routing), Announcement and Group.
Audio Prompt Format
In order for uploaded greetings to properly play on the InMail they must be in the proper format. Audio files not recorded in the proper format may not playback on the InMail. The proper format is:
•Bit Rate: 64 kbps
•Sampling Size: 8 bits
•Channel: 1 (Mono)
•Sampling Rate: 8 kHz
•Audio Format: CCITT μ-law
User Pro Access Options
There are two different User Pro login types available to make changes. To login, open an Internet browser and enter the IP of the SL1100 LAN port in the address line. At default, the IP address.
For AVAYA, NORSTAR, NEC, SAMSUNG, MITEL, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA telephone systems and voicemail call (866)206-2316 or email