Caller ID - Shared Logging NEC SL1100
The system can log records tied directly to an extension or one of 8 Caller ID logging groups.
•By setting PRG 15-02-67: (1-8 shared group), all extensions in the same logging group can share the same Caller ID records. When PRG 15-02-67 is set to (0: personal), extension base log records are supported. Each extension or logging group can store a maximum of 50 records.
•When PRG 15-02-67: (1-8 shared group) is changed to (0: personal), Caller ID stored for the group will be cleared.
•An extension in a Caller ID shared setting cannot store or refer it's own register for Caller ID personal. Caller ID personal and Caller ID shared group are exclusive use.
•Caller ID indication displayed when toggled by pressing Help key is shown below.

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