Aspire WebPro

The WebPro software is installed on the Aspire NTCPU PCB - there is no separate software installation. This means that when the Aspire system software is updated, the WebPro software is updated as well.
Make sure the SW3 switch on the Aspire NTCPU (switch just above the serial port connector) is set to OFF (down).
The Aspire system (Program 10-21-02) and the Dial Up setting must be set to use the same baud rate (19200 by default).
Make sure the PC is connected to the serial or USB port on the Aspire NTCPU with a null modem (cross- over) cable. For LAN connections, use a straight-through cable if connected through a hub. If connected directly to the Aspire S/Aspire LAN connector, use a cross-connect cable.
The WebPro software provides a Help system if you experience difficulty in using the program. Simply press the ‘F1’ key.
1.Make sure the required cable (USB, serial, LAN) is connected from the PC to the Aspire S/Aspire system. 2.When using a LAN connection, skip to Step 5.
When using a connection other than a LAN, you must first connect to the Aspire using the dial-up connection. If not already connected, click on START SETTINGS NETWORK CONNECTIONS select the dial up connection to be used to connect to the Aspire system.
3.In the window that appears, if the user name and password are acceptable, click CONNECT or DIAL depending on your connection type.
Only one person is allowed in programming mode at a time. An error message will be received if trying to log in while another user is already in programming mode.
4.If the PRE-DIAL TERMINAL SCREEN option was selected in the dial-up setting, when it appears, left click on the black area of that screen. Type AT and press ENTER. Once OK has been displayed, click on CONTINUE and wait for the computer to connect to the Aspire system.
If an OK does not appear on the screen, continue to type AT and then press enter until you get an OK on the screen.
5.Once the connection has been established, with either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator installed, open the internet
browser application.
6.Enter the IP address of the Aspire system (example: This address is selected based on the type of con- nection to the Aspire.
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