Virtual Extensions

Virtual Extensions
Version 2.0 or higher software provides Distinctive ringing (Intercom / Outside) on Virtual Extension.
Version 2.0 or higher software, a special ring tone is provided when a pre-assigned extension places an Intercom call.
Version 3.0 or higher software, number of Ring Tone pattern is increased to 8 from 4.
With version 3.0 or higher if tone pattern 5 ~ 8 is assigned and the system is downgraded to version 2.X or lower incoming ringing will not be provided. To restore ringing, assign the tone pattern to pattern 1 ~
V Version 3.0 or higher software provides the following enhancements to a virtual extension:
•A virtual extension can now display the caller ID of an internal caller (Callers station name is displayed, if station name is not available the extension number is displayed). Also, a virtual extension can now display the caller ID of an internal or external caller when the virtual is not set to ring (Previously the virtual extension must be set to ring or CID is not displayed).
•A virtual extension now has ‘One shot’ ringing which enhances the feature by allowing, either, a single burst of ringing, or normal ringing tone.
Virtual Extensions are available software extensions in the SL1100. A Virtual Extension assigned to a line key, can appear and ring on an individual station or multiple stations and be used for outbound access.
Up to 50 VE keys are provided.
•The 84 available ports/Extensions are assigned on a per extension basis for Virtual Extension key mode.
•The 84 available ports/Extensions are assigned per extension for CAR key mode or Virtual Extension key mode.
•More than one extension can share a Virtual Extension key.
•An extension can have more than one Virtual Extension key assigned.
Assigning a Virtual Extension key of the extension the key is assigned on is not supported.
•Up to 32 incoming calls can be queued to busy Virtual Extension key.
•You cannot have a CAR key and Virtual Extension on the same telephone.
•Virtual Extensions do not support the following features:
-Conference, Voice Call/Privacy Release
-Reverse Voice Over
-Tone Override
-Voice Over
•When a valid system station calls a Virtual Extension appearing on another station, Voice and MW softkeys appear in the display of the calling station, but they do not operate.
•When talking on a Virtual Extension you cannot mute the handset.
•Incoming calls to a virtual extension that appear on stations that are used with the CTI applications, PC Assistant, or PC Attendant, do not show up as a second call in the CTI application.