Create an Auto Attendant

Create an Auto Attendant
The following process shows by example the setup for an auto attendant for Embedded Voicemail. In this example the auto-attendant should give callers the option to press 0 for reception (hunt group 200) or 1 for sales (hunt group 301).
· For details of routing calls to the auto attendant, see Routing Incoming Calls to an Auto Attendant .
To create an auto attendant:
1.Start IP Office Manager and load the required configuration.
2.Note that if time profiles are going to be used in an auto attendant, the time profile has to be created before creating the auto attendant. For more information, see the IP Office Manager help.
3.Click Auto Attendant. Any existing Auto Attendants are listed.
4.Click Create a New Record in the Group Pane. Select Auto Attendant .In the Name field enter the name for the auto Attendant.