DHCP Client
WARNING: When the VoIPDB is installed on the CPU, the built in LAN port on the CPU becomes disabled. Only the LAN Port on the VoIPDB will be operational.
DHCP Client will access an external DHCP server every time the LAN cable is connected to the CPU/ VoIPDB or when the System is powered up. The System can receive the following information from the DHCP server:
IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
•The DHCP Server should be configured to provide the system the same IP address every time. For example in the DHCP server extend the lease time to infinite or setup the server to provide the same IP address based on the systems MAC Address.
•When changing PRG 10-63-01 (DHCP Client Enable/Disable) a system reset is required for this change to become effective.
•DHCP client can set following programs automatically; however other IP related programs (such as PRG 84-26) have to set manually as required.
-IP Addresses: PRG 10-12-01 (CPU), PRG 10-12-09 (VOIPDB)
-Subnet Masks: PRG 10-12-02 (CPU), PRG 10-12-10 (VOIPDB)
-Default Gateway: PRG 10-12-03
•DHCP Client (PRG 10-63) and existing DHCP Server feature (PRG 10-13) can not be used at the same time.
•While the System accesses the DHCP Server, to receive IP Addressing information, the CPU RUN LED flashes as follows. If the System fails to receive an IP Address from the DHCP server the system will use the IP Address assigned in PRG 10-12.

300 ms
On Off
ms 300
ms 200
ms 700
•Once after IP Address and Subnet Mask are set, if different IP Addresses or Subnet Mask is delivered during normal operation mode, both LED2 (Red lit) and RUN LED (flash as above) indicate system requires reset.