Privacy is insured on all communications in the system. If desired, the customer may elect to disable the Automatic Privacy feature, allowing another station to join in an existing external conversation uninvited. In such a case, a conference is established.
Operation iPECS Phone To intrude into a call when Privacy is disabled
1. Press a busy (lit steady) individual {CO}/{IP} access button, user connected to the call with existing internal station user.
1. With Automatic Privacy disabled, privacy is still assured on all intercom and conference calls.
2. To override privacy, Privacy must be disabled and the intruding station must have Override enabled as well as a direct appearance for the desired {CO}/{IP} line.
3. Only one station can intrude on an active call.
4. An intrusion tone can be provided to the call indicating another station has accessed the line.
5. If either internal party presses another {CO}/{IP}, a {DSS}, {PAGE}, [CONF] or other conflicting button, the party is removed from the “Conference” and must press the {CO}/{IP} button again to reenter the conversation.