InMail-Email Notification

InMail-Email Notification
Email Notification automatically sends an email notification when a Subscriber Mailbox receives a new message. The email can optionally include the recorded message as a .wav file attachment. To hear the message, the email recipient double-clicks the .wav attachment to have the message play in their wav player (such as Windows Media Player).
Email Notification uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to deliver messages to the recipient’s email account. If the message recipient has a mobile telephone service provider with an SMS (Short Message Service) portal, they can optionally choose to have text messages delivered right to their cell phone. In either case, Email Notification does not provide synchronization – the email account and the voice mailbox operate independently. For example, deleting the voice mail message does not automatically delete the email and visa-versa.
If Email Notification tries to deliver an email and it doesn’t go through because of a connection problem (i.e., no connection or a dropped connection), it will retry every 15 minutes for 24 hours. If the email still can’t go through, Email Notification cancels the delivery. Email deliveries that fail because authentication fails or the encryption mode is incorrect are immediately cancelled.
Collecting the Email Notification Data
In order for the installation site’s InMail to send email notifications, it must have a valid SMTP email account assigned. To save time during programming, use the following table to help collect the system’s email account information. The email account provider can supply this information.