Speed Dial Access Codes

Speed Dial Access Codes
The number of station and system speed dial numbers available to you depends on the size of your company’s telephone system. Check with your System Administrator to find out which codes apply to your system.
Once you store a telephone number on any of the codes listed below, you can dial the number by entering the code, such as  or 6SHHG'LDO + .
Table 8Speed Dial Access Codes
Telephone System Size Station Speed Dial Codes System Speed Dial Codes Small System (DK14/DK16e/DK16/DK40i/ DK40/RCTUA) Medium System (RCTUBA/BB and RCTUC/D)  Large System (RCTUE/F) 
Table System/System Speed Dial Number Linking
System System Speed Dial Codes that can be Linked to other Speed Dial Codes DK14, DK16e, DK40i, RCTUA a RCTUBA/BB, RCTUC/D a RCTUE/F a