Examples of Some Common Applications
The examples below show some common applications. The chart in the beginning of each example shows: ■ How the relevant programmable options work by default.
■ The Application Summary, which provides the basic steps you need to take to set up the application.
Following the chart are the step-by-step instructions for setting up the application. Refer to the IntraMail System Guide on the CD that came with your system for more on each program you have to change.
Example 1: Set Up Separate Day and Night Greetings
Default Automated Attendant Answering
■ All trunks answered by the Automated Attendant route to Answer Table 1.
-Answer Table 1 uses Schedule 1 to answer calls from 8:30 AM -5:00 PM Monday through Friday with Call Routing Mailbox 1.
-The Default Mailbox for Answer Table 1 picks up Automated Attendant calls at all other times. The Default Mailbox for Answer Table 1 is also Call Routing Mailbox 1.
■ The greeting that plays to outside callers is the Instruction Menu for the Call Routing Mailbox that answers the call.
■ Since Schedule 1 and the Default Mailbox both use Call Routing Mailbox 1, the Automated Attendant answers all calls the same way day and night, with the Instruction Menu for Call Routing Mailbox 1.
Application Summary
■ Change the Default Mailbox from Call Routing Mailbox 1 to 2. ■ Record a night Instruction Menu for Call Routing Mailbox 2.