Transmission, Network, and Control Specifications

Transmission, Network, and Control Specifications
Transmission  Data Length: From multiline terminal to CD-8DLCA: 23 bits From CD-8DLCA to multiline terminal: 23 bits  Data Transmission Rates:
Between CD-8DLCA and multiline terminal: 184K bps (voice and signaling)
 Scanning Time for each multiline terminal: 32ms. Network
Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) allows transmission of data and voice simultaneously over one communications medium. The specifications that the UNIVERGE SV8100 system uses for switching, clock, data bus, and timeframe are shown below.
 TDM Switching: PCM (µ Law)  TDM Clock: 2.048 MHz  TDM Data Bus: 8-bit  TDM Timeframe: 125 µs.
This section indicates the speed or capacity:
 Control: Stored program with distributed processing  Central Processor: 32-bit microprocessor  Clock: 266 MHz
 Interface Blade: 8- or 16-bit microprocessor  Optional Blades: 16- or 32-bit microprocessor  Multiline Terminal (TDM): 8-bit microprocessor  Multiline Terminal (IP): 32-bit microprocessor  IP Adapter: 32-bit microprocessor
 Attendant Console: 4-bit microprocessor  SLT Adapter: 4-bit microprocessor