Auto Attendant

Automated Attendant automatically answers outside calls, plays a prerecorded greeting and then lets the outside callers directly dial system extensions, Department Calling Groups and Voice Mail. Automated Attendant provides immediate answering and routing of outside calls without the need for an operator or dispatcher. Automated Attendant provides:
• Single Digit Dialing
Single Digit Dialing allows Automated Attendant callers to dial extensions, Department Calling Groups, and Voice Mail by pressing a single digit. For example, your Automated Attendant can greet calls with, "Thank you for calling. To place an order, dial 1. To check on an existing order, dial
2. To speak with an operator, dial 0." You can set up single digit dialing for each VRS Message programmed to answer outside calls via the Automated Attendant. This allows you to set up day/ night/holiday greetings or unique greetings for each incoming trunk. (Keep in mind that, with a
With VRS installed, the Automated Attendant can answer up to 16 calls (Needs License and MEMDB) simultaneously.
default system, if you assign destinations to digits 3, 4 and 5, outside callers cannot dial system V • Simultaneous Call Answering
• Flexible Routing
The outside caller can directly dial any system extension, Department Calling Group or Voice Mail. If the caller dials a busy extension, Automated Attendant allows them to dial another extension or wait for the busy extension to become free.
• Automatic Overflow
Automatic Overflow can automatically redirect a call if it cannot go through. This can happen if all VRS ports are busy, if the called extension does not answer, or if the caller misdials or waits too long to dial. (This occurs if the caller is using a dial pulse telephone.) When the call overflows, it rings a designated Ring Group or the Voice Mail system.
• Programmable Automated Attendant Greetings
You can record a different greeting for each trunk answered by the Automated Attendant. The greetings can be different in the day, at night or on holidays or weekends. You can also have a special greeting if the caller misdials. You record the greetings just the way you want. For example, “Dial the 3-digit extension number you wish to reach, dial 500 for Sales or dial 600 for Customer Service.” When assigning and recording Automated Attendant greetings, you can choose among the 100 VRS messages.
VRS Waiting Message
Using VRS Waiting Message, the system can automatically answer an incoming trunk call first (either a normal trunk or one designated for a department group) to let the outside caller hear a recorded message when the call is not answered in a programmed time. With this feature, the call keeps ringing at the same destination until it is answered or until other programming, takes affect.
This feature can use up to two messages for an incoming call and the duration between the messages is programmable. These messages are repeated and, between these messages, either ring back tone or Music on Hold can be played.