Agent Help Request

Agent Help Request
Agents request assistance from a Supervisor using the ACD Help Code, default 574. Using iPECS Phones, agents with the {HELP} button can request assistance without interrupting an active conversation.
Agent iPECS Phone
To assign {HELP} buttons:
[PGM] + {FLEX} + ‘574’ + ACD Group Number (optional) + [SAVE]
To request Supervisor assistance while on an active ACD call,
1. Press the {HOLD} button
2. Dial ‘574’, the Agent Help code,
3. Dial the desired ACD Group number. Or,
1. Press the {HELP} button.
1. Hook-flash.
2. Dial ‘574’, the Agent Help code.
3. Dial the desired ACD Group number.
1. Agents receive error tone to indicate there is no active Supervisor.
2. Using the {HELP} button during a call, no signals are sent on the active conversation and the connected party is unaware of the request for assistance.