Go To A Mailbox

Go To A Mailbox
An Automated Attendant caller can dial a digit to route to a Call Routing or Announcement Mailbox. This is called the Go To (GOTO) action. The GOTO action can route directly to a specific Call Routing or Announcement Mailbox, or allow the Automated Attendant caller to go to a mailbox of their own choosing. Use the GOTO action to set up a "tree" of Automated Attendant options.
The block diagram below shows how the Automated Attendant can provide the caller with a tree of dialing options. Dialing 1 (GOTO 9) routes to Announcement Mailbox 9, which plays the company directions. Dialing 2 (GOTO 2) routes to Call Routing Mailbox 2, which is set up to give the caller single-digit dialing to Tech Service technicians.
• The Announcement Message for Announcement Mailbox 9 tells the caller how to locate the company.
• The Instruction Menu for Call Routing Mailbox 2 instructs the caller which digits to dial for each tech- nician. The Dial Action Table for Call Routing Mailbox 2 contains the TRF or UTRF actions to each technician's extension.