Phone Assistant

Phone Assistant
By providing on-screen call related information like Caller ID*, and the calling party’s name, and allowing users to simply point-and-click or use keyboard shortcuts to quickly handle calls, users are able to do more in less time, increasing personal productivity.

Phone Assistant - intuitive user interface
Confrm colleague availability and presence
It helps in determining who is available to handle calls before you decide to call them, greatly reducing the number of unanswered calls.
Easy access to system phone functions Wizards appear as and when you need them, helping you with most common telephony features like Transfer, Forward, Do-Not Disturb, Hold, Park, and Conference call set up.
Integration with IP Camera Panasonic IP Camera can also be integrated, allowing users to answer a doorphone and open the door after view- ing the IP camera video feed on screen.
Dial easily through your database Users can create their own business and private contacts, show the pres- ence and availability of all co-workers or they can simply dial external business contacts by double-clicking. The software can utilize Outlook address books for contact lists.
Record conversations directly into Voice Mail (TVS 50/200 & NCV200) Allows Phone Assistant users to record the conversation that they are having with a caller. View presence & availability.