System Telephones

System Telephones 6 PARTNER telephones have several buttons and indicators in common. The following pages explain where they are and how they work. For information about an MLC-6, MLS, or TransTalk 9000-series telephone, see the documentation that came with the telephone. Endeavor telephones are supported in PARTNER ACS Release 7.0 when an Endeavor 362EC module is installed in the carrier. The Endeavor telephones are programmed the same as PARTNER-34D -18D, -18, and -6 telephones and have the same button layouts. For more information about these telephones, see the documentation that came with the telephones. Buttons and Indicators 6 PARTNER telephones have fixed buttons that are already imprinted and line buttons that you can press to connect to an inside (intercom) or outside line. If a line button is not assigned as an intercom or outside line button, you can program an extension number or a feature on it. Some telephones also have a display, which provides feedback messages and prompts from the system. Figure6-1 shows a PARTNER-34D telephone, the largest of the PARTNER telephones.