Authorization Codes provide a means to control access to Off Premise Call Forward, Walking COS, or DISA and may be required for outgoing CO/IP Line or LCR access based on configuration of the iPECS database. When users dial an Authorization Code that matches an Authorization Code stored in the database, the system invokes the Station COS or the COS assigned to Authorization code. Each Authorization code has separate Day/Night mode COS assignments.
There are two types of Authorization Codes, Station and System. A Station Authorization Code is specifically related to a given station and intended for a single user. The System Authorization Codes are intended for use by any station in the system.
The Station Authorization Codes includes the associated station number and the assigned code. The structure of the System Authorization code can be set as either ”*”, or “*” the Authorization table index and the code digits. The later allows duplicate codes to be employed using entry of table index to provide a unique identification of the entry.
The Administrator and Attendants are permitted to assign any Authorization code including codes for another station. Normal users may only assign the Station Authorization code for the specific station