System Features

System Features
This page displays a condensed list of the extensive features available in the  System:
911 Feature Account Codes Answering Machine Emulation Attendant Assignment / Features Automatic Privacy Background Music Battery Back-Up (Memory) Baud Rate Assignments Call Back Call Coverage Call Forward Call Forward - Preset Calling Forward Override Calling Station Handsfree Mode Override Calling Station Tone Mode / Override Call Park - Station Call Park - System Call Pickup Call Transfer Camp On Centrex/PBX Class Of Service (COS) CO Line - Access CO Line Attributes CO Line DTMF Sending CO Line Group
CO Line - Identification
CO Line - Incoming Ringing Assignment CO Line Loop and Pool Buttons CO Line - Loop Supervision CO Line - Queue
CO Line - Ringing Options CO Port Parameters CO Ring Detect Timer Conference
Cordless Key Telephone Unit Feature Button Database Administration Database Printout (Dump) Dial By Name
Dial Pulse Sending
Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Direct Station Selection / Busy Lamp Field Direct Transfer Mode Directory Dial Distinctive Ringing Do Not Disturb Executive Override Executive / Secretary Pairs External Day Ring External Night Ring Fixed Station/Port Number Flash Rates (Programmable) Flexible Button Assignment Flexible Numbering Group Listening Headset Mode Hold - Exclusive Hold - Preference Hold - System Hot Keypad Hot Line / Ring Down Hunt Groups ICLID / Caller ID* Idle Speaker Mode
Incoming Calling Line Identification Initializing - System Parameters Intercom Inter-Digit Time-Out Keyset Mode
Last Number Redial LCD - Contrast LCD - Display Least Cost Routing (LCR) Message Wait
Message Waiting Reminder Tone Music-On-Hold Mute Key Name In Display Name / Number Translation Table Night Service Off-Hook Signaling Off-Hook Voice Over Outside Calls Paging Pause Timer PBX Dialing Codes Personal Messages Preferred Line Answer Printing - System Parameters Privacy Release Private Line Recall Repeat Redial Relay Programming Remote Administration* Remote System Monitor And Maintenance* Save Number Redial (SNR) Single Line Telephone (SLT) Software Version (MBU) Speakerphone Speed Dial Station Attributes Station Identification Station Message Detail Recording Station Relocation
Station Speed Dial Numbers System Parameters System Reset System Speed Bin Access Text Messaging (Silent Response) Toll Restriction
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) Universal Day/Night Answer Voice Mail
Voice Mail In-Band Features Voice Mail One-Touch Recording Voice Mail Outpulsing Table Volume Control
* = May require additional hardware or