The system can be programmed to recognize the status of an external contact from a relay (open or closed). When activated, the System will signal programmed Stations with a single tone repeated at 1-minute intervals or a continuous tone. This capability is commonly employed to provide remote alarm signals or as a Doorbell signal. When used as an alarm, the assigned stations receive the programmed signal. To stop the signal, the alarm should be deactivated (reset) from a station assigned to receive the alarm signal. Also, the condition causing the alarm should be cleared.
When used as a Doorbell, a single tone is used. Each time the Doorbell contact activates, the assigned stations receive the Doorbell signal. The system can be configured to allow the receiving station to activate a contact to open the door.
When the Alarm activates, the system sends the alarm signal to assigned stations.
To terminate the alarm signal from an idle station assigned to receive the alarm,
1. Dial ‘5 6 5’.
2. The alarm signal will be terminated at all assigned stations.
 The external alarm contacts should be dry (no voltage/current source connected) and
connected as described in the Installation manual.
 An SLT cannot be assigned to receive alarm signals.  Alarm Reset can be programmed on a Flexible button.