Account Codes

Optional (Unforced) Account Codes
Optional Account Codes allow a keyset extension user to enter an Account Code while placing a trunk call or any time while on a call. This type of Account Code is optional: the system does not require the user to enter it. If the keyset user is already talking on a trunk call, their conversation continues uninterrupted while they enter an Account Code.
Single line telephone users can only enter an Account Code while placing their trunk call. Forced Account Codes
Forced Account Codes require an extension user to enter an Account Code every time they place a trunk call. If the user doesn’t enter the code, the system prevents the call. The system can require Forced Account Codes for all trunk calls, or just for toll calls (as determined by Toll Restriction programming). Note that Forced Account Codes do not pertain to incoming calls.
Verified Account Codes
With Verified Account Codes, the system compares the Account Code the user dials with a list of codes programmed into the Verified Account Code Table. If the Account Code is in the table, the call goes through (provided it is not prevented by an extension’s Toll Restriction programming). If the code is not in the table, the system prevents the call. Verified Account Codes, if enabled, apply only to Forced Account Codes.
Using Account Codes and Speed Dial
To simplify Account Code operation, Personal and System Speed Dial bins can contain Account Codes. Keep the following in mind when using Speed Dial and Account Codes:
● The Account Code can be either the first or last entry in the bin, and must be preceded and fol- lowed by the # character. For example, the Account Code 1234 must be entered as #1234#.
● The Program 0201 - # Key to Enter Account Codes (page 629) option must be enabled in sys- tem programming. In addition, the Program 0201 - Enable Account Codes in Speed Dial (page 629) option must also be enabled.
● The Speed Dial bin can contain an Account Code followed by an outside number, or just the Account Code. The Account Code must be preceded and followed by a # entry. If the bin contains just the Account Code, the user must be sure to press the bin key before dialing the outside number.
● If the system has Verified Account Codes enabled, the Account Code entered in the Speed Dial bin must match an entry in the Verified Account