Digital Feedback Eliminator

Digital Feedback Eliminator/Message Stacker
General Design
The V-9964 is designed to eliminate acoustic feedback and act as a message stacker. When a page is made, the message is digitized and saved. Upon completion of the live page, the message is released for broadcast over the speakers. While a message is being broadcast, additional messages may be recorded with a maximum of 4 messages queued per V-9964. Additionally, up to four V-9964 units may be chained together to allow up to sixteen messages to be simultaneously processed.
Specifications Features
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
• Adjustable VOX sensitivity
• Compatible with Valcom Multi-Zone Control Units and Station Adaptors
• Two input channels: Switch selectable primary and priority, or two channels with equal priority; both inputs are switch selectable for Loop Start or VOX operation
• Two audio outputs:
600 Ohms with loop supervision to a page control unit or 8 Ohms line level output to amplified speakers
• Background music input
• Total of three normally open relay contacts for PLAY, RECORD and BUSY mode (one contact each)
• LED status indicators for POWER, RECORD, PLAY and BUSY
• Dip switch option programming
• Message abort feature
• Vacant Loop Start Trunk Port or
C. O. Line Port
• Page Port
• Line Level Audio Feed
• An adaptor is required for C. O. Line or station access (see V-9970 or V-9940)