Controlling system access

Controlling system access
Modular ICS programming provides several ways of protecting your Norstar system from unauthorized access or use. These features are used in combination to provide control both to users and to lines.
Class of Service
Class of Service (COS) refers to the capabilities that Norstar provides to users who access the system from the public or private network. A password defines which set of capabilities the user has access to.
The COS includes:
• filters that restrict dialing on the line
• an access package defines the set of line pools that may be accessed and whether or not the user has access to the paging feature
The COS that is applied to an incoming remote access call is determined by:
• the filters that you apply to the incoming trunk
• the Class of Service password that the caller used to gain access to the Norstar system
In cases where DISA is not automatically applied to incoming calls, the remote caller can change the class of service by dialing the DISA DN and entering a COS password.