Random Access Memory (RAM)

00 Part 1: Software Check/Remote Maintenance Security Code Assignments X 00 Part 2: RCTU: Random Access Memory (RAM) Test X 01 Station Logical Port Display and/or Change X 02 Station Physical Port Display and/or Change X 03 Flexible PCB Cabinet and Slot Assignments X X *03 Cabinet Type Identification X 04 Station Logical Port Primary Directory Number Assignment X *04 [PhDN] and Distributed Hunt [DN] for Internal Tie Line Calls X 05 Flexible Access Code Numbering X *05 Call Park Pickup Abbreviated Dialing X 09 Built-in Auto Attendant Prompt/Station Assignments X X *09 [PDN], [PhDN], DH, ACD or Modem DID External Assignments X X 10-1~3 System Assignments, Basic Timing X X 10-4 ACD Parameters and ISDN PRI and BRI T-wait Timers X X *10-11 E911 Standard Telephone Ports Assignment X *10-12 E911 Standard Telephone Ports Assignment X *10-91 E911 Interdigital TImer X *10-92 E911 Pause Before Send TImer X 11 ACD Timing Assignments X *11-1~9 CAMA Trunk Assignments X 12 System Assignments X *12 ANI Station Information X 13 Defining the Message Center X *13 Station Group Information X 14-0 Loop/Ground Start CO Line Direct Ring to ACD Group Assignments X 14-1 ACD Agent Identification Code Assignments