Problems and Corrective Actions

Problems and Corrective Actions
PROBLEM: System terminates recording of a name, greeting, message, or an Automated Attendant Main Menu, Submenu or Announcement before the user finishes.
Possible Cause Corrective Action Recording may have reached
the time limit set for it. Be sure the recording does not
Speaker’s voice sounded like
exceed the time limit, then re-record it.
a Touch-Tone digit. Re-record the message.
PROBLEM: Caller hears a busy signal when calling into Voice Mail Service. Possible Cause Corrective Action
All ports are in use or maintenance is being performed on the PARTNER Messaging module.
There are no ports assigned
Try again later. If the condition persists, call the helpline.
to Hunt Group 7. Assign the ports to Hunt Group 7
(programming procedure #505).