8100 features

Alarm Reports Alarm Reports Alphanumeric Display Alphanumeric Display Analog Communications Interface (ACI) Analog Communications Interface (ACI) Ancillary Device Connection Ancillary Device Connection Answer Hold Answer Hold Answer Key Answer Key Attendant Call Queuing Attendant Call Queuing Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Automatic Release Automatic Release Automatic Route Selection Automatic Route Selection Background Music Background Music Barge-In Barge-In Battery Backup – System MemoryBattery Backup – System Memory Battery Backup – System PowerBattery Backup – System Power Call Appearance (CAP) Keys Call Appearance (CAP) Keys Call Arrival (CAR) KeysCall Arrival (CAR) Keys Call Duration Timer Call Duration Timer Call Forwarding – Centrex Call Forwarding – Centrex Call Forwarding – Park and PageVoice Response System (VRS) – Call Forwarding – Park and Page Call Forwarding Call Forwarding Call Forwarding with Follow MeCall Forwarding with Follow Me Call Forwarding, Off-Premise Call Forwarding, Off-Premise Call Forwarding/Do Not Disturb Override Call Forwarding/Do Not Disturb Override Call Monitoring Call Monitoring Call Redirect Call Redirect Call Waiting/Camp-On Call Waiting/Camp-On Callback Callback Caller ID Call ReturnCaller ID Call Return