ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Group & Supervisor

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Group & Supervisor Description
A station can be assigned as the ACD Group Supervisor. A station can be the ACD Supervisor for one or multiple ACD groups. The ACD Supervisor receives status information for the group indicating queued calls and time. When a call is queued to a group for longer than a queue time or when a predefined number of calls are queued, the supervisor's LCD will indicate the number of calls in queue, and the queued time for the longest queue.
The ACD Supervisor can control and can change overflow destination and timing as well as the On/Off duty status of ACD group members. In addition, he ACD Supervisor can monitor an agent’s call and, if desired, the ACD Supervisor can record an agent’s call to the VMIB using Two-way record (refer to Ref. C).
ACD Group Agents
ACD Group Agents are logged into each ACD group as a Group Member in the system database. Agents use the Agent Duty code or a Flexible button assigned as a UCD-DND button to go ‘On’ and ‘Off’ duty for a specified ACD Group.
To toggle Agent On/Off Duty,
1. Press the [TRANS/PGM] button.
2. Dial ‘8 7’, the Agent Duty (UCD-DND) code.
3. Dial the ACD Group Number.
4. Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button.
Once ‘On-duty’, the LCD display of the DKT will display the queued call count for the ACD Group. Also, if the station has a DSS button for the ACD Group, the LED will flash to indicate the number of calls queued.
 Off 0 calls in queue
 60 ipm 1 to 3 calls in queue  120ipm 4 to 6 calls in queue  240 ipm 7 or more calls in queue
ACD Group Supervisors are logged into an ACD Group as a Group Member and separately assigned as the ACD Group Supervisor. The ACD Supervisor goes ‘On’ and ‘Off’ duty as with any ACD Group Agent. In addition, the ACD Group Supervisor must have a Flexible button assigned as an [ACD Group] button for each supervised ACD Group.
An ACD Supervisor can monitor calls of ACD Agents in the supervised ACD Group. The Supervisor enters the conversation in a ‘Listen-only’ mode (Mic is muted) but can join the conference with the Mute button. A warning tone can be configured to ‘beep’ when the ACD Supervisor monitors a call.