Admin & Maintenance Issue
GENERAL LCD & Button Functions
While in the PROGRAM MODE, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Flex button LEDs of an Admin Station are used to guide and indicate status of the feature. The dial-pad is most often used to enter data after selecting a data item using the Flex buttons. In some cases, pressing a Flex button will toggle the entry with the Flex button LED indicating the status (ON/OFF).
For PROGRAM CODES with multiple Flex button selections, the volume controls ([VOL UP] and [VOL DOWN] buttons) may be used to select the next or previous item. The [SPEED] button is generally employed as a delete button to erase existing entries however, where noted, it may be used to confirm a range input. Pressing the [CONF] button returns to the 1st step of the data entry procedure for the PROGRAM CODE without storing unsaved entries.
The [SAVE] button is used to store data after entry. If there are no conflicts in the entered data, confirmation tone will be received and the data stored. If a conflict exists, error tone is provided and newly entered data are not saved. Generally, corrected data may be entered and stored without restarting the entry procedure from the 1st step.