External transfer

InMail: External Transfer Available
The software allows the InMail to perform an external transfer. This allows the InMail to route an incoming Automated Attendant call out of the SL1100 system on a new trunk based on an Speed Dial number stored in a Dial Action Table.
InMail: Softkey With Security Code Programming
InMail provides softkeys when programming the security code. These softkeys allow a user to select OK, CLEAR or EXIT following an entry of a new code.
InMail: Internal Message Notification Timer
When Message Notification places a call out, the system waits up to 30 seconds for ringback, reorder, or busy tone from the trunk. If detected, notification call out processing begins normally. If not detected, the system abandons the call and decrements the Ring No Answer (RNA) count.
InMail: Directory Dialing
Directory Dialing allows an Automated Attendant caller to reach an extension by dialing the first few letters in the extension user’s name. With Directory Dialing, the caller does not have to remember the extension number of the person they wish to reach – just the name.
The following steps describe Directory Dialing:
1.When the Automated Attendant answers, it sends the call to the Main Greeting box. The caller
must dial a digit to access Directory Dialing.
2.The Directory Dialing Mailbox plays the Directory Dialing Message which asks the caller to dial
letters for the name of the person they wish to reach.
3.The caller dials the letters for the person’s name plus #. They can dial by first name or last name, depending on how the Directory Dialing Message was recorded and the Directory Dialing Mailbox was set up.