Voicemail Email Integration

Voicemail Email Integration
Voicemail Email features with Embedded Voicemail is supported. This uses the IP Office system's SMTP settings to send messages to the customer's email server. That server then forwards those messages into the user email mailboxes.
Once enabled, users can select to have a email alert about each new voicemail message or to have the voicemail message forwarded to their email mailbox. In addition when listening to a message in their voicemail mailbox they can forward it to their email mailbox.
· Warning
The sending of .wav files across a network creates a high loading on the network and networks servers. A one- minute message requires a 1MB .wav file.
1.Note that changing the IP Office's SMTP settings requires the system to be restarted.
2.Obtain details of the customer's SMTP email server. You can configure a user account on that server in order for it to accept and relay emails from the IP Office.
3.Using IP Office Manager, receive the IP Office system configuration. 4.Select System and then the SMTP tab.
5.Enter the details to match the customer SMTP server.
· IP Address
The IP address of the customer's SMTP server. If not on the same subnet as the IP Office LAN, an IP route must also be added.
· Port
The SMTP listening port of the server. The default is 25.
· Email From Address
This is the address that will be used by the IP Office. Some servers will only relay messages from recognized full addresses or addresses in the same domain.
· Server Requires Authentication
If the server requires a user account to receive and send emails, enter the details of an account configured on that server for use by the IP Office.
6.For each user, select User | Voicemail.
7.In the Voicemail Email field enter the user's email address.
8.Using the radio button, select the type of Voicemail Email function alerts for the user.
· Off
Don't send email alerts for new messages. Users can select this themselves by dialing *03.
· Copy
Send a copy of each new message received to the user's email address. User's cannot select this mode themselves.
· Forward
Forward each new message received to the user's email address, deleting the message from their mailbox. Users can select this themselves by dialing *01.
· Alert
Send an email alert for each new message received. Users can select this themselves by dialing *02.