ISDN Compatibility

ISDN Compatibility
•DID Line Service
ISDN-PRI (Integrated Service Digital Network - Primary Rate Interface) is a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service that provides 23 B channels and a single D channel (23B+1D) for trunking. Caller ID indication displays the calling party telephone number on the LCD of the Multiline Terminal for CO incoming calls. This interface provides voice communication path only. I ISDN - PRI Features
When configured for DID Line Service, the trunks emulate Loop Start or Ground Start trunks for outgoing calls and DID trunks for incoming calls.
•Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
PRG 10-03-05: ETU Configuration - CLIP Information Announcement, will allow the Calling Party Number IE in the Setup Message for a call when placed out an ISDN Trunk.
•Calling Party Number (CPN) Presentation from Station
Calling Party Number (CPN) Presentation from Station allows each unique station or virtual extension 10-digit number (representing the DID number of the originating station) to be sent out over the ISDN Network, if it is programmed. If there is no Extension Calling Number assigned, the system will send the calling number for the ISDN trunk. If both the extension and trunk information is programmed, the extension information is sent as it takes priority.
•Calling Party Name:
If programmed, Calling Party Name allows the station name to be sent out over the ISDN network. A system wide name can be programmed to be sent over the network or the name can be defined on a per station basis. If both are programmed, the system wide name takes priority over the station name.
•SMDR Includes Dialed Number
The SMDR report can optionally print the trunk name (entered in system programming) or the number the incoming caller dialed (i.e., the dialed ISDN digits). This gives you the option of analyzing the SMDR report based on the number your callers dial. (This option also applies to a DID trunk as well.)
•Display Shows Why Caller ID is Not Available
With Caller ID enabled, the system provides information for ISDN calls that do not contain the Caller ID information. If the Caller ID information is restricted, the telephone display shows PRIVATE. If the system is not able to provide Caller ID information because the Telco information is not available, then the display shows OUT OF AREA.
•Primary Rate Interface (PRI):
The system is compatible with ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) services. PRI services currently supported include:
-Basic PRI Call Control (BCC)
-Display of incoming caller’s name and number when allowed by Telco
-Routing in the system based on the number the caller dialed
-ISDN maintenance functions (such as In Service/Out of Service Messaging)
-Speech and 3.1 KHz audio
PRI capability requires the installation of 1PRIU-C1. Each PRI circuit provides 24 PRI channels (23B + D) 4 with 64K Clear Channel response. The T1/PRI Interface uses a single slot. When installed, the T1/PRI Interface uses the first block of 24 consecutiv