Alarm Reports

Alarm Reports
Version 2.0 or higher software provides;
•Enable to send the Alarm Report by E-Mail to SMTP client
•Enable to send the DIMLAST data, DIMDUMP data from the system automatically
The system logs various errors and reports information about the operation that can be used to determine the cause of a problem. The system can indicate several errors on the Multiline Terminal display, output to a Maintenance CF card on the CPU, or be downloaded in PCPro. The report data also can be sent via e-mail.
DSP Resource Full
When attempting a call requiring an IP to TDM conversion and no DSP resource is available, the system displays a message on Multiline Terminal and can generate an alarm via the Alarm Report.
IP Collision
System is able to detect another device on the same subnet having an IP address that conflicts with those assigned to the CPU, VoIPDB and DSP resource to make troubleshooting easy when IP packets are not sent.
Alarm Report
The Alarm Reports indicate:
•System start-up/upgrade date and time.
•Unit communication error with date and time and the restoration date and time.
•Date and time a unit was removed from the system.
•Date and time an extension was disconnected from the system.
•Date and time of any system data change