Account code

Account Code Forced/Verified/Unverified
Account Codes are user-dialed codes that help the system administrator categorize and/or restrict trunk calls. The system has two types of Forced Account Codes:
•Forced Account Codes (Unverified)
Forced Account Codes require an extension user to enter an Account Code every time they place a trunk call. If the user does not enter the code, the system prevents the call. As with Account Codes, A the extension user can elect to enter an Account Code for an incoming call. However, the system does not require it.
Once set up in system programming, you can enable Forced Account Codes on a trunk-by-trunk basis. In addition, Forced Account Codes can apply to all outside calls or just long distance calls. Forced Account Codes for Toll Calls restricts calls according to the following chart:
Table 1-2 Forced Account Codes
Number of Digits DialedIf first digit is not 1If first digit is 1 1~3 Not allowedNot allowed 4~7 Allowed - does not require Account Code Allowed - requires Account Code More than 7 Allowed - requires Account CodeAllowed - requires Account Code 800 and 888 Allowed - requires Account CodeAllowed - does not require Account Code 011 (International) Allowed - requires Account CodeN/A 911 Allowed - does not require Account Code N/A
•Verified Account Codes
With Verified Account Codes, the system compares the Account Code the user dials to a list of up to 800 pre-programmed codes. If the Account Code is in the list, the call goes through. If the code dialed is not in the list, the system prevents the call. Verified Account Codes can have 3~16 digits using the characters 0~9 and #. During programming, you can use “wild cards” to streamline entering codes into system memory. For example, the entry 123@ lets users dial Verified Account Codes from 1230 through 1239.
Operator Notification
To prevent Account Code abuse, the system can notify the operator each time an Account Code violation occurs (PRG 20-13-20). This can happen if the user fails to enter an Account Code (if Forced) or enters a Verified Account Code that is not in the list. The notification is an automatic Intercom call to the attendant and a RESTRICT message in the operator display.
Account Codes for Incoming Calls
The system allows extension users to enter Account Codes for incoming calls. When this option is enabled, a user can dial * while on an incoming call, enter an Account Code, and then dial * to return to their caller. If the option is disabled, any digits the user dials after answering an incoming call outdial on the connected trun