Auto attendant

Code Control See Security Code. Voice Mail
Alternate Next Call
Routing Mailbox See Next Call Routing Mailbox. Voice Mail
Announcement Mailbox Mailbox that allows a recorded greeting to play to callers. Automated Attendant
Announcement Message The message that the System Administrator records for a specific Announce-
ment Mailbox. Automated
Answer Table Determines how the Automated Attendant answers outside calls on each trunk, according to the time of the day and day of the week that the call is ringing.
Automated Attendant
Answering Schedule
Override Enables an alternate greeting and alternate dialing options for callers. Automated
Auto Attendant Direct to Voice Mail
Auto Attendant Direct to Voice Mail sends Automated Attendant calls directly to Automated an extension user's mailbox. Their phone does not ring for calls from the Auto- mated Attendant.
See Greeting in this glossary.
Auto Erase or Save When a mailbox user completely listens to a new message and then exits their
mailbox, InMail either automatically archives or deletes the message. Voice Mail
Auto Time Stamp After a user listens to a message, InMail can optionally announce the time and
date the message was left. Voice Mail
Automated Attendant The Automated Attendant can automatically answer the telephone system incoming calls, play an Instruction Menu message, and provide dialing options to callers.
Automated Attendant
Automated Attendant Transfer
While on a trunk call, an extension user can transfer the trunk call to the Auto- mated Attendant so the caller can use the Automated Attendant dialing
options. Voice Mail
Automatic Access to VM by Caller ID
InMail mailbox can be associated with a specific caller ID (CID) number. When the CID number is presented to the InMail it will automatically log the user into
their mailbox. Voice Mail
Automatic Call Routing
to a Mailbox See Go to a Mailbox in this glossary. Automated
Automatic Message
Erase/Save See Auto Erase or Save in this glossary. Voice Mail
Automatic Routing for
Rotary Dial Callers If an Automated Attendant caller does not dial any digits, InMail automatically
routes them to a specified option (such as the operator or a mailbox). Automated